Weekly Specials!

Many of our customers order the same entrée whenever they come to our Mexican restaurant. While you may have a favorite, we encourage you to tempt your taste buds with our daily specials. Bring your friends and family to El Camino Mexican Restaurant on a different day each week; we know that you’ll walk away satisfied.


El Camino features weekly specials of our authentic, fresh Mexican food created from real family recipes. Bring your family and friends and let's have a fiesta!



Lunch #1 Chimichanga   6.99
Dinner #69 Pollo Loco   10.99


Lunch #17 Speedy Gonzales   6.99
Dinner #32 Burritos Mexicanos   10.99

taco tuesday SPEcials!

(4) Hard Tacos Special   6.99

(4) Soft Tacos Special (6")   6.99

Family of 5 Tacos + 10 pcs. Rice, Chips & Salsa   19.99

Family of 10 Tacos + 20 pcs. Rice, Chips & Salsa   39.99

Family of 20 Tacos + 40 pcs. Rice, Chips & Salsa   75.99

Tuesday Margarita Special  (to go only)   3.99 - 8.99




Lunch #7 Numero Siete   6.99
Dinner #29 Enchiladas Supremas  


Lunch #10 Burrito Enchilado   6.99
Dinner #68 El Tapatio  10.99




Lunch #15 Taco Salad   6.99
Dinner #38 Enchiladas Monterrey   10.99


Lunch #16 Flautitas   6.99
Dinner #37 Burritos Decebrados   10.99



All Day #43   or   #44 Fajitas   2.00 off 


Happy Hour

monday - Friday 11am-6pm

16 Oz. Drink Special   4.99
Tequila Sunrise
Rum or Vodka Madras
Long Island Iced Tea
Jose Cuervo margaritas
All Bottled Beers   2.50

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